Friday, September 20, 2019

Arrived Safe & Sound.

Here is a post I intended to send during my journey, but did not have enough time at AbuDhabi Airport to send it.

Well, In am nearly half way to Japan now as I post this. Journey good so far. Flight  about 50 mins late departing due to some safety bods deciding to an extra unscheduled check on the aircraft pre boarding on a very nearly full flight, Crew good and food & refreshments quite good considering the circumstances, Have been refreshing my memory on past world cups by watching very good rugby programmes provided by in flight entertainment.

Rest of Journey not as bad as I feared---survived without much cramp at all. Again the flight crew were excellent, and kept all the passengers supplied with endless food and drinks, which was of quite good quality considering all the circumstances. Arrived at Narita Airport and collected my Keisei Skyliner and subway pass tickets. Then got some cash out of ATM and purchased a Suica card [ for other tokyo travel & vending machines]. Made my way to what I thought was nearest station to my hotel and got a bit lost for a while. Could not open my simcard holder so could not get my smartphone going with Japanese simcard! Soon  found my way to hotel, then got a few different bites to eat with a few drinks in local suburb. Eating out in Japan is amazing.All eating out experiences seem to be to be 'Disneyfied'. With chefs and proprietors standing in doorways promoting their own experience. (And this is in the suburbs!] Dummies of people eating in window (like scarecrows) and fake food on the pavements. A real challenge on the sight processes to take it all in!  I saw most of Japan v Russia game,then hit the sack. Awoke bright as a button only 6 hours later. 

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